About Kike

A Patagonian artist that represents social, economic, political and cultural conflicts through painting. The level of detail of his work offer the spectator a story that changes constantly. Brush strokes crossed by the southern winds and snow, pictorical characters of the worn out 21 century and rebel and melancholic story, full of color, invites us to get lost in the woods. The mask hides its most hermit side and connects him with theatre, the streets and strafalarius group activities that disturb the harmony of a numb society

Artista patagónico interpela a través de la pintura, conflictos sociales, económicos, políticos, culturales. El nivel de detalle en sus obras le ofrecen al espectador una historia que cambia de sentido continuamente. Pinceladas atravesadas por la nieve y viento sureño, personajes pictóricos del desgastado siglo XXI y un relato rebelde, melancólico aunque lleno de colores que invitan a perderse en el bosque. La máscara esconde su lado ermitaño y lo contacta con el teatro, la calle y estrafalarias actividades grupales que incomodan la armonía de una sociedad adormecida

Exhibitions & Prizes


  • Recipient of Artist Residency Fellowship. Award sponsored by Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program
    Roswell, New Mexico USA


  • Selected by  Michael S. Bell for the American Surrealist Initiative en Saginaw Art Museum
    Saginaw, Michingan; USA


  • AHA! presents Summer Exhibition
    First and Third Award in Freedom & Adventure category
    Los Angeles, USA
    Group Exhibition / Juried Competition
  • Recipient of the prestigious 7th Annual Latin American Artist Residency Fellowship Award sponsored by Vermont Studio Center (VSC) (March 27 to April 23)
    Johnson, Vermont  USA
  • Solo Exhibition in Artes América
    Fresno, USA
  • Orange County Center for Contemporary Arts presents  “Demise of Democracy? , Santa Ana Artist Village
    Santa Ana, California, USA
    Group Exhibition / Juried Exhibition
  • New Jersey Center for Visual Arts presents “19th Annual International Juried Show”
    Honorable Mention
    Summit, New Jersey
    Group Exhibition / Juried Competition
  • The Caladan Gallery presents “Spirit and Transformation”
    Beverly, Massachusetts
    Group Exhibition /  Solo Exhibition /Virtual Gallery / Juried Competition


  • The Berekley Art Center presents” Red Alert! War, Peace and Civil Liberties”
    Berkeley, California
    Group Exhibition / Juried Competition
  • Association Artist of Southport presents the “24th Annual July National Exhibition”
    Southport, North Carolina
    Group Exhibition / Juried Competition
  • Greeley Square Gallery presents the “New York International Painting Competition”,
    New York, NY
    Group Exhibition /  Juried Competition


  • New International Surrealists  Williamsburg Art & Historical Center presents “BraveDestiny”
    Brooklyn, New York
    Group Exhibition / Juried Competition
  • The Conley Gallery presents “El Caleuche”  California State University, Fresno Exhibition Program, Department of Arts & Design
    Fresno, California
    Solo Exhibition
  • 29th annual Westmoreland Art Nationals
    Latrobe, Pennsylvania
    The National Award of Excellence and Best of Both Shows
    Group Exhibition / Juried Competition
  • California State University, Fresno Departmen of Theater Art’s Fresno, California
    Group Exhibition


  • Third Annual Fine Arts and Wine Festival
    Fresno, California
    Art Fair /  Group Exhibition
  • Collective Art Exhibition in Hamburg, Germany (Artists from Patagonia)


  •  Collective Art Exhibition in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy (Artists from Patagonia)
  • AGS Fine Art Gallery, Portland and San Francisco, USA Gallery, Portland, USA.


  • AGS Fine Art
  • Established collectors in San Francisco, Portland and Fresno, USA
  • Collective Art Exhibition “Self Portrait”,
    Civic Center, Bariloche, Rio Negro Argentina
  • Collective Art Exhibition organized by “Espejos del Alma” (local art magazine)
    Civic Center, Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina


  • ART21, MGM Grand Hote
    Las Vegas,Nevada, USA
  • Mask Itinerary Exhibition
    Concepción, Valparaíso, Santiago de Chile, Chile
  • Individual Exhibition in Westin Regina Hotel
    Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, México
  • Exhibition in Wenwhort Porter Gallerie
    San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur, México


  • “Celebración de lo Esfímero” Art Exhibition in Llao Llao forest
    Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina
  • Special guest in “Color del Sur” Art exhibition, Puerto Varas Museum
    Puerto Varas, Chile.


  • “Cuatro Gatos Locos” Art Exhibition, Amancay Cultural Center,
    San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén, Argentina
  • “Pintores Barilochenses in Neuquén” Art Exhibition, Sala Emilio Saraco
    Neuquén, Argentina
  • Organization of “Careta” (Itinerary mask exhibition) Group (40) artists from Patagonia.
  • The exhibition showcase:
    •  S.C.U.M Gallery, Bariloche
    • “Emilio Saraco” Gallery, Neuquén
    • “Centro de las Artes” Gallery, Neuquén
    • “Amancay”, Cultural Center, San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén, Argentina
    • “Sala Consejo Municipal”, Villa Regina, Río Negro, Argentina
    •  Cultural Center, Viedma, Río Negro, Argentina
    • “San Martín” Cultural Center, Capital, Buenos Aires.


  • “Pintores Barilochenses”Art Exhibition organized by Centoira Gallery Llao Llao Hotel
    Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina
  • Individual Exhibition in “Gallery M”
    Fresno, California
  • Individual Exhibition in “Artes de América”
    Fresno, California


  • “7” Art Exhibition, Frey Gallery, Civic Center
    Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina


  • Selectioned to the XXVIII National Drawing Room
    Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • Exhibition joining prized Rio Negro´s Artists at XXVI National Art Room, Palais de Glace,
    Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • First Mention at the XXVI Drawing National Room
    Salta, Argentina


  • Individual Exposition at Culture House
    General Roca, Rio Negro, Argentina


  • Selectoned for the Rio Negro Art Showing, Malvinas Argentinas Art Gallery,
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Participant of the Prized Works Art Showing
    Viedma, Rio Negro, Argentina
  • Individual Exposition at Municipal Plastic Arts Room
    Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina


  • Second Prize in Drawing, Municipal Plastic Arts Room
    Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina
  • First Prize in Drawing, Rio Negro and Patagonia´s Arts Room
    Cipolletti, Rio Negro, Argentina
  • Mask Workshop Coordination in “Refugio de las Artes”
    Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina
  • Third Prize in Drawing, Municipal Plastic Arts Room
    Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina


  • Participant of the First Rio Negro´s Plastic Artists Room Buenos Aires, Palais de  Glace
    Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • Second Prize in Drawing, Rio Negro and Patagonian´s Room
    Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina


  • Mention, 52th  Arts Rooms
    Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Individual Exposition at SCUM
    Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina
  • Bariloche´s Artist Showing, Panamericano Hotel
    Buenos Aires, Aregntina
  • Mention in Drawing, Municipal Plastic Art Room
    Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina
  • Individual Exposition, Centro Atomico Bariloche
    Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina


  • Special Mention, VII  Youth Painters Room
    Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • AFS Scholarship, Senior Year
    Big Bear Lake, CA, USA
  • First Prize, Drawing Room “Adventure in Art”
    Big Bear Lake, California, USA.

Other Activities


  • Mask Workshop in Todos Santos Art Festival
    Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, México


  • Mask Workshop at Cultural Center
    San José Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México


  • Mask Workshop at “Color Joven”
    Puerto Varas, Chile
  • Big Mask Workshop for the Junín de los Andes Municipality,
  • Mask Workshop at Boys & Girls Club
    Fresno, USA
  •  Mask Workshop at Burroughs Elementary Schoo
    Fresno, USA


  • Mask Workshop at Color Café (Adults)
    Fresno, USA


  • Backstage and Puppets for the theater Play “Romance Claroscuro”, La siesta Group